Tattoo Art

This is a collection of Ai Generated art portraits of women with body art.


The name Malaika is a feminine given name of Swahili origin. It means “angel”. The word malaika is also used in other languages in East Africa, such as Kinyarwanda, Kikuyu, and Luganda.


The name Jennifer is a feminine given name of English origin. It means “fair one” or “white wave”. The name is originally a Cornish version of the Welsh name Gwynhwyfar, used for women of light complexion.


In Japanese, the word “shin” can mean “heart” or “spirit”. It is often used in the context of martial arts, where it refers to the inner strength and focus that is necessary to succeed.


The name Zahra is a feminine given name of Arabic origin. It means “beautiful, bright, shining and brilliant”. The name became popularized as a result of being the name of Muhammad’s daughter, Fatimah al-Zahra.

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